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THE CALL PROCESS October 1, 2021

The Vestry has actively begun the call process as prescribed by the Diocese. In short, this fall we are praying for Advent, celebrating Rev. Nancy, planning to interview and hire an interim rector, and doing preliminary work on the Parish Profile.

More details can be found in a letter from the Vestry found and the Diocese Protocol for a Search Process.

Additionally, you are welcome to contact any Vestry member with questions.

Letter to the congregation - Oct 4 2021

THE CALL PROCESS October 8, 2021

Advent's TMC form advertising for the interim rector position is now live on the TMC and DioPA websites.

The Vestry met over zoom with Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph, DioPA's Canon for Transition.

Preliminary conversations with two consultants specializing in transitions were conducted.

The first Celebrating Nancy piece on baptism was published. You can find it here.

Nancy's Bapisms Celebration

THE CALL PROCESS October 15, 2021

The Executive Committee interviewed two consulting candidates.


Strategic Growth Plan
October 2021

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DIOPA Search Protocol
October 2021

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